Breaking points

We all have then and mine was last night.

The day was helk, meetings, deadlines, got my period, del with my drop and n’s. I left work and headed to the oyster bar to meet the hostess.

I had treated myself to a really good glass of wine and sat at the bar. It was full of the typical douchbag bridge and tunnel make commuters and I laughed to myself that I felt like a high priced call girl sitting there. When she came, we grabbed a table and had an app, ordered another drink and chatted. The waiter was an asshole and I’ll be sending an email today to management. 

We left and went over to bryant park, grabbed the best hot chocolate and continued our conversation. She had no new stories of my misbehavior last weekend and she agreed it was the whiskey.

IN the midst  of this I texted my aunt a heads up, the divorce papers are to be in her mailbox today. Her respond “ok, merry christmas” I texted my mother “your fucking sister” the text failed. So the explosion was held in 

Not good. You see, my aunt really likes my ex. So what? I’m supposed to give a shit that she’s taking this hard. It’s been two years, he’s engaged and has a child with another woman. She needs to realize the timing is not good, but enough. I need to close this chapter already.

By the time I got home the black rage was boiling over. The train home took forever and I cried many times out of frustration.

I dropped my coat and called Sir. I ran at my mouth for a while about all I f the little things that added and my Internet was out. So as I’m resetting it, I’m crying. Hysterical alligator tears.

He talked to me in the dom voice and I started to calm, but it was still there. So even though it was late, he had mj e clamp my clit and then when the pure pain was enough, to use the hitachi on it until I begged to cum. I remember thinking as I orgasmed that I didn’t know if it would stop. Each time I thought it was another wave would hit and what stopped me…..a cough. 

Damn remnants of last week’s cold. I was calmer and the tears stopped. I accidently ripped the know off my nightstand trying to get to the vibrator. 

Today I’m just sad. My energy is at zero and I could easily cry again. But not with the rage and emotions of last night. These tears are different, almost tears of acceptance.

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