Merry christmas

So this blog could have had a 100 titles. Russian girl are bat shit crazy, the Christmas walk of shame, the self destructing slave, just to name a few.

I’m writing this from a subway station. Wearing yesterday’s clothes with the worst breathe oive ever had, thanks to lactation and too much wine.

Everything was going well last night. Or so I thought. Under the surface the o orgy couple must have been fighting or at least she was pissed. 

I’m thinking she was told “oh, it’s a vanilla event” and it was, until everyone left. I only stayed thinking I’d get a ride home or I’d have been gone long before she freaked and said, no, nope, we are leaving in a puff. 

O and her husband looked at me and asked if I was going with them. I had a total fg and FGD flash back. Hell no I wasn’t getting in the car with them. The two of them in full battle mode and me in the back seat, nope. O wisp here’s in my ear to stay. So I choose the lesser of two evils and decided I’ll do a Christmas walk of shame.

Also I have baby breathe, ugh, btw, breastfeeding mm olk, or at least hers is super sweet. Great, add lactation to the list of fetishes. 

We had a scene and as is the norm I don’t recall much, it’s too early. I know I was in fetal position when I came o u t of subspace. Funny I hit subspace hard from the act of drinking her milk. 

She made up the couch for me. Weird, I really thought they were more the sleep together type, but then there’s the baby. I told her I would leave early, kissed her good night and wished her a merry Christmas.

The one regret I have is this morning I had planned to wake up early and write all my friends a nice note to wake up to. Now by the time I complete my walk of shame, they will all be up. Maybe next year 

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