I just checked the last thing from my list. That us until tomorrow when I will sneak out, go to yoga, run and wake you with a nice fresh beakfast 

I was talking to n about the difference between doing something alone and doing something for yourself. I don’t think she realized it.

I do things for myself all if the time now, I never did in the past. I would start to do things alone and give up.

So she set a three year goal that she thought she was doing alone and I think now she understands the difference. I told her you do it for yourself, but you will not be alone because you will have me and your friends cheering you on.

For many years I was really good at setting people up to succeed, but not taking the time to do the same for me.

So I know I may be selfish and do things for me but I’m not alone. I’m tired and mushy. 100 random thoughts in my head, for now I just need to get through a few more hours. 

I’m not body tired, I’m soul tired. 

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