I really have nothing abd everything to write about.

Sir said we ate both getting lazy. I’d love to complain about it, but it’s true. Not in our everyday life, but in our dynamic. There really is only so much I can do in a day. Add to it the 2 hours of gym time I need and I’m more physically exhusted than ever. It’s not a lack of b vitamins or a lack of sunshine, it’s the almost 9 miles a day I walk. The hour of advance yoga. I’m tired because I eat 1100 calories and burn much more .

Ok complaint over. 

I get the pleasure of little r needing to speak to me at lunch. She engaged, her sugar momma is her matron of honor, I’m not in her wedding. I’m happy and pissed about that. 

So I guess I’ll find out what she wants soon. 

Last night I had the worst hot flash yet. I should have my oeriod, but dont. I woke up and shot out of bed thinking I was literally on fire. Threw off my clothes, blankets, sheets, hell even the dogs. Woke up cold dehydrated and naked to the spuds of whimpering from the floor. The change is really not adding to my general disposition.

You know, this is what happens when I have nothing to write about, I just bitch.

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