The bad and The Crazy

So we get to the party, say our hello’s.

FGD comes with his current flame. The hostess is there with no host. It’s a nice venue, needs work, big space and the entire community came out. I’d say by the time we left there were about 300 people there and you could still move around without much effort.

I’m on line for the bathroom and a shell shocked newbie guy is in front of me. I just have to take pity on them and I strike up a pleasant conversation and tell him, don’t worry it’s everyone’s first time here. He calms down a bit and out of the corner of my eye I see built-a-dom part 2 leading fet girl, who is oddly over dressed, even for a fetish party. He has a third guy that follows in the rear like she’s going to get attacked or something. He’s inspecting the place, yet it was like she was leading him, but she never looked up or at anyone. He reaches for the bathroom door handle, like you didn’t see the fucking line asshole?? I laugh at this “high Protocol” bullshit from a vanilla dude and say really loud “hey, that’s just a fucking bathroom, see the line” and do a price is right arm sweep. I wasn’t angry, I was so very amused.

See it used to be she would come in with FGD and it was laughs and hugs. Nice chats, playful scenes full of laughter and sometimes really serious connection and passion. Now she had very few people in the community left due to her shitty behavior.

W ehad found a good spanking bench and were standing right next to it, very much intending to use it, but in general aside from some rope nothing had really started yet. I feel someone right at my back and I turned around and now she’s there naked except for a slave harness. Side note, we had gone to a class and it was the exact harness that her vanilla dom had said he found no interest in and didn’t think it was sexy. He had her standing 2 inches from me in the middle of our bags while he was cleaning the bench. I turn to this one girl who is equally as sarcastic as I am and asked her to get N’s bag out from literally under her feet. Stupid ass you’re stepping on a damn Louie purse. This is where the fun starts. They are having a boring ass scene, she’s too loud, he has crap skills. The flame brings out a mattress from somewhere and starts a scene on one side of her as we are chatting, FGD put the dog shock collar on N inner thigh and makes her stat dancing.

So now everyone is either looking at the mattress or this chick yelling, cursing and dancing all while laughing and threatening FGD. OOOh poor Fetgirl, no one is looking at you….BooHooo

We go over closer to the bar on the other side of the room. FGd has decided to sting N up to a hard point with some chains and have a real scene. She came to me first and told me to play. I had needed to earlier in the week, but I was back in a good head space and I had my damn Domme outfit on, so I said no. I can play whenever, she can’t. Up she went and I went for a stroll while he warmed her up.

Fet girl had left the bench and the hostess and m had taken it over. I stood for a little with L and watched. When I went back I took the remote for a bit and started dancing and pressing it to the beat I made her dance with me. There were people watching and laughing and it was a fun time. I gave it back to him and he started with some impact. As I’m standing there I get my ass flogged. My reaction was “wtf” I’m in a space far from a scene. I look behind me and there’s build-a-dom with her again right next to us. He has no control of the damn flogger and kept hitting people that were 10 feet away. I say “oh no this fucking build-a-dom again”. She heard me and looked up. I smiled. and looked away, not moving and everytime he would throw a hit that hit me I would mimic her fake sound. I was in a really amsused yet sadistic mood. fter a few minutes, they went away. I guess no attention except mockery was not what she wanted. They were over to the side, watching, but not watching us.

So as the scene ended and FGD took N down I held her and he say that something had happened earlier. I asked him where L was and he didn’t see him, so I kissed her and his face lit up like a little boy. I see fetgirl watching so just to add insult to injury I grabbed him and kissed him too. Ha! You’re not the popular girl anymore, bitch.

We got ready and left, she needed to be home early and I did too. I left feeling really good. None of that was done with emotion or drama it was all with a laugh and I was amused as Fuck! So I’ve gone through the anger with her and now I just find her a miserable human. If she had any decency I’d feel pity for her, but I don’t.

So I guess both she and I were the bad, but I think my bad was also damn funny.

Later we cover the crazy………………


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