A very monday kinda tuesday

The weather was blah 

The job was blah

My mood blah x3

I tried to get an eye exam, that didn’t work. I tried to do a few other thing that failed as well. By 6 pm I was parked on the couch and hangry 

Due to a severe down pour I was 5 minutes late for happy Tuesday. I know Sir that you haven’t forgotten. When Sir heard my voice he knew the blaw was too bad for a punishment. It would have resulted in bad tears, not good ones.

We both went to bed early. The last few days sleep has been hard. I’ve started waking up at 4 am again. Today I just stayed staring at the ceiling until 5 then was at the gym when it opened.

I needed to run some of the ughhh away before Im trapped in a meeting all damn day.

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