Bitch Level 2.5

I pretty sure I’m going to hold this level until around 4 pm.

Yesterday was a horror show at work. I can’t even begin to explain. At one point I turned to my boss and said look at this as 10 people argued in a conference room. This is a look into what my head looks like sometimes. Scary truth.

After all of that and me having to leave the room in order not to bunch my project manager we headed for our version of a holiday party.

There were no fists thrown, but wow, my coworkers can drink.

Little R showed. She was all over Becky to the point my boss even said something. Some people never change. L and I left pretty early and came back here to talk. I could tell something was up with her.

She has fallen into a really bad depression. There’s a million thing piling on top of one another that is causing this, but mainly her nana. Her story like mine, she’s watching all the good in her fucked up life be erased before her eyes and her husband just can’t understand. He couldn’t understand why he found her the other day in leggings and socks wrapped up on the couch crying and yelling. It’s because life just isn’t fair. There’s no fixing that…..she needs support and we chatted until almost midnight.

I’m glad she’s moving closer.

As all of this was going on…N was dropping. Such a nasty bitch. The hostess was getting our tickets and rooms for a weekend event. I still haven’t been able to think if I’m looking forward to this or just going to keep N from getting arrested. Oh one good thing, looks like Fetgirl took her rsvp down, so that’s one less bitch to deal with.

There’s a long day ahead…..too much work. Sir will also be down since it’s the day the orange guy starts to destroy the country.

Since I forgot in my email. Weight and measurements are still solidly holding. I’m getting much more definition. lol, one of the directors last night joked about our diet bet and asked if my goal was to be weighed on a postal scale. I responded saying, yeah I wasn’t to be slipped into a legal envelope and mailed far away from here for a buck 25.

I’ve been carrying around my divorce papers like a damn security blanket. I still can’t bring myself to look at them and figure out what game the ex is playing. I was also going to start on making the wedding gown into a costume, but I’m not there yet. The thought of un-boxing it make me sick.

I wish Sir was here….Lap time would help. Miss you

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