How to unwind after a protest???

Well, duh, go to an orgy of course.

I went to the March alone. It wasn’t too bad because I registered to march with an organization and made a couple of protest friends. It got to a certain part where I looked at the clock and said crap if I want to make it to trump towers I need to break off from the group.

Going solo I boobed and weaved and made it to 42nd and madison. Still a block from even turning on fifth ave. I called Sir and told him that if I turned onto fifth there was no way I was making it back home to shower and get ready for the orgy.

The plan was to meet Dutch the Domme (she will be DD for short) for a drink, then her friend would meet up and we’d head to the hotel together. She had met this guy once, none of us had been to this party before. We met at a super upscale wine bar in midtown and thank god the guy picked up the bill. He even said it’s the least he could do since single guys would never get an invite to a party like this.

When she walked in she looked exactly like her pic, super innocent, but soo not. Weird thing, she was tall. I really thought she would be around my height from her pics because she is so small in frame, but no she was at least 7 inches taller than me and the guy was probably taller than Sir.

We were funny when we got there. The three of us scoping out who we would play with and at first we came up totally empty. The host needs to be a bit more selective in the invites, but he even said it, he’s too nice to say no to anyone. I stayed fully clothes the longest out of everyone. At one point they started to play and I went to the other room to see what was going on and what I heard made me go to call Sir right away. It could only be described as Trump role play. I heard a smack and then a guy say “your going to be a good citizen”. Guess she went to the march and got all kinds of hot and bothered by it. I laughed like insanely laughed at that.

When I came back in there was only one couple not playing and the wife wanted to leave. She had the Russian look of murder on her face. Turns out she’s straight and had no interest in the guys that were there. It was their first party. As I was chatting with the husband a late arriving couple came in. They were adorable, in there late 20’s maybe. He comes in and stays sorry this is our first party and we got stuck in traffic coming from the Knicks game, they came in from “upstate”. That was it, I had my in and questioned what is upstate according to them. Well they we from albany, but he agreed that anything above westchester is upstate. See Sir……lol.

I then hear the sweet sounds of a damn good spanking going on and politely excuse myself. Since FGD didn’t come I had to find out who that was and promptly offer up my ass. Noting calms the mind like a little otk and I knew even if I didn’t play I owed the host a bj. It’s the right thing to do when invited to these things.

To my delight the spanking was coming from DD and her guy. I almost jumped up and down with joy. I watched and the host was on the same bed with a girl and said to him how much I enjoy that, they heard and she excused herself to the bathroom and he offered his services. It was good, not FGD or Sir level, but for a swinger party, well, it was really good. Then she comes out and takes over for him. She gives girl spanks like O. The difference, she has a real sadistic side. She did something I really like and never had from a girl and that was the don’t move torture. Pretty hard when she’s playing with my clit and biting me. Then it morphed into her giving him a bk and I had to pee. I swear that’s the death of just about every scene for me. I went back to the main room in much less clothes, but still more than everyone else.

Weird swingers just run around naked and I’m a big fan of keeping a little something on. The upstate couple were naked and the guy and I were having a lovely conversation about how amazing his girlfriends tits are. It was funny and lighthearted and we made her blush and giggle. Then a gitl I had not seen before joined in the conversation and by the fact that what I had on was a bit kinky in nature, she asked if I was a sub or Domme. I said with women I switched and she got extremely happy saying me too!

The upstate girl asked the boyfriend if he had gotten a bj yet, that was his goal for the night. She looked freshly fucked and glowing. He said he had not and the switch girl (long blonde hair and an Australian accent) looked at me and said, I think we can help with that.

We looked around and everyone was in full orgy mode and there was no place except a really nice white couch. A helpful swinger saw the sad look on his face and he found a blanket to put over it. I think the switch saw the scene with DD and she went into domme mode. So he got a damn good bj and she was fingering and licking me and then I grabbed her and kissed her and then we rolled into the middle of the livingroom floor. I heard a guy say above us that this was what made life worth living as a crowd gathered to see the switches play. I partially fisted her, no need for lube and she came like only a D’s girl can. Then we turned into a cuddle puddle kidding and hugging and laughing. We got up and things were winding down. We agreed we needed to do that again soon. I asked where she lived and she said Harlem, I told her and she said, oh no we will make this work. I asked for her hone number and ta-da, I got it. Oh and somewhere in there I gave the host a bj…

Funny as though after that she’d say no?? It was a big deal, my first girl number I got on my own. We parted ways, I headed to the subway. My stockings ripped and smelling of sex, but hey it was three am in nyc. I nodded and woke up three stops past my transfer point, thank god for Uber. Today I have an orgy hangover and I’m wet as hell. I told DD that every party I set my expectations low, I say I’m going for an hour and if it’s no good I’m leaving. I also said, I’ve yet to ever leave in an hour:)




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