The real world

After this weekend bring back in reality is rather shitty. My orgy induced period is still going. I really thought that was all behind me.

Yesterday I was sore. L stopped by to brag about his hotel experience, he wasn’t prepared to hear mine. His reaction was what I thought. He was jealous he didn’t get an invite. He also made 2 rude comments that I felt were rather slut shaming. This is honestly why he’s my only slightly submissive male friend. 

I had a notion of putting together an orgy of my own friends but as I sat down to make a list. …it won’t work. There’s too many landmines. A few can be invited but it can’t be just them.

The dropsy twins came by after he left. They were smiles and laughs by the time they left.

I’m in an odd mood today. It’s a busy week and tonight is the only time I have for yoga. I’ll do much running this week, but I have too much other stuff going on.

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