Bitch level 5000000000

It’s work, holy crap, people are over educated assholes today.

I stopped speaking English and resorted to guteral noises by 8 am.

Brightside -it’s keeping me from overthinking my actions of this weekend. So I guess that’s good.

You know no matter how many adventures I have there’s still that part of me that rips itself apart when I  have any remotely sexual experiences with a man. 

I think that’s why I once told Sir I thought I was a lesbian. I can’t understand why I don’t carry any guilt about woman. I mean I actually do, it’s forbidden, but feels natural to me. 

Blowing or kissing another man in a sexual manner doesn’t. Yet getting fucked from behind from a stranger while looking at Sir is ok? God my brain and moral code is totally fucked up. 

I say this because even though I get this shitty guilty pit in my stomach, in the moment, I enjoy it, even the BJ’s. 

Time to go be a douchbag and sh I w these over educated asshole how to get things done.

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