Yoga and toys and such…

I had totally forgotten a conversation I had with Bob aND the hostess. We were at a switch munch and Bob had mentioned that an airbnb guest was a yoga teacher. Her stay corresponded with the two of us meeting. 

He was into martial arts and fighting but found it was making his soul agressive. Meeting the two of us and entering the kink community in a new country he took it as a sign he needed a change. On a whim he went to one of her classes and returned for 5 more that week.

She is vanilla so he had questions he couldn’t pose to her. He asked me do you find a link between kink and yoga? He said he thou g t there was, but his experience with both was limited and he wanted another opinion. The hostess over heard it and said she didnt.

I said yes, of course there is. She was all ears. Me being more subbie than her, I was able to explain. If you do a really hard strong practice the pain and rythm of your breathing can result in an altered state similar to subspace. For those who use ribbons, all it is is self suspension and bondage, she saw the correlation. The last point she understood the best, being a visual artist. Most slave pics are standard yoga poses.

By the end of our chat and much more discussion of the spiritual beliefs suck as live and key live vs your kink is not mine and that’s ok or the do no harm saying they both saw how my yoga and my kink are really one thing with limited seperation .

I bring this up because this morning I saw the host friended what I could only say is my dream. A family of kinky yogis!

I’m guessing she told him about the conversation or fate is stepping in and giving me some serious signs.

Oh side note ….toys. 

Thinking of an amazon order today.

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