Even the damn Dog Drops

I woke up early today to get to a real keyboard and write this before my day of hellish meetings start.

Last night I came home to the most pathetic little dog ever. As I entered the house he didn’t come to the door, he barely lifted his head to greet me. Most pet owners would be in the car to the vet but no this slave knows it’s just drop. His best friend left and there will be no more all day/night pets and lap time. Lol, sounds like me. So he gets down and depressed. He perked up when I gave him some cheese and I was assured it was just depression.

After a good run and a good cleaning of the house FGD came by. I’ve been wanting to talk to him about N and all the things I clearly missed on NYE with his “bitches”.

Let me start by saying my dog barks once  a day at the mailman only. He rings the bizzer and crazy girl starts barking so I pick her up and then he starts. I looked at him in schock as its a deep but happy bark with him running to the door. He was mildly upset to see that FGD was alone and not with Sir as he was hoping.

To preface, the past 2 days have been ruled by Murphy’s law and drop. Sir had to put up with mean girl. I turn the drop internal and I know ever ounce of it shows on my face. When he left, mean girl turned to sad girl and sad girl is easier to deal with. After running and setting my surrounding back to their factory settings she went away too. That and a long text convo with n and multiple check ins by voice with Sir.

So by the time this visit occurred I was mostly back to my normal self. I packed up the last of the good food to send him home with. Him being a single and lacking the will to food shop, I knew that it would not go to waste and it would be a nice surprise for him. I made some good tea and heated him up the apple pie with the last of the vanilla ice cream.

Some how we ended up talking first of art and the Medici’s along with the tudors. He’s really not used to having a female friend that is kinky but still platonic and it’s a relationship that he never knew he needed.

I asked what the fuck was going on NYE. I was busy in my scene with Sir and getting L and M to loosen up and play.

It was already predetermined he would have the first scene with GS. A way to say happy new year and I’m sorry for totally ignoring you the last party when N was out. His date knew this. Kudos for that, because if not crap would she have been pissed. The wrench in his plan came with winter girl finally after a year not just agreeing to a scene but leading him by the hand to the bench. As this is going on his date was getting a rather good foot rub and watching a powerful scene next to her. She started talking to this Dom after and then seeing that FGD was still busy they started making out.

This is when I came to and my sub-vision cleared. I like his date. Not in the I want to fuck her way, but she is a well developed human. Sounds cold, but it’s true. So she came to me asking if sex was allowed at the party and I said generally yes, then she said should I ask FGD if it’s ok with that guy. I turned into one of those people that guide airplanes in, hand gestures and all saying oh yes, absolutley, you must ask him. The funny really amimated side coming out.

He told her no, but not due to his ego. He told her that’s just not what we do at this party. Totally true it’s allowed but not the right feel.

Through this I felt like I was missing something. He’s not the type of dom that would allow all this girl drama. I was right. So behind the scenes he is setting up a three some with his date and fucking (insert puke face and noise) bible girl, that now will lead to a foursome with the guy she wanted to fuck  

He also set bible girl and GS straight that he is with n at the upcoming weekend thing. He’s trying to get fs to play with more people taking the pressure off of him.

I explained that I see her as an “oh honey” girl and he needs to make sure the evil bible girl doesn’t influence her.

He agreed and will watch for it.

N is another story for another time.

There’s more, but time for work 

Tgif, I actually made it to friday:)

Oh but wait, back to the dog. He was a totally lump the entire visit he laid on my lap as I petted him, nor even trying to make out or luck my knees. Today as I left he was curled up with his sister looking at me with the sadest eyes.

It will take a couple of days and lots of pets, but he will make it through.

Fast day

I only have 5 minutes but I needed to at least get a little something on here for Sir to read.

The past 2 days gave been hard. Hard on too many levels to event try to explain. Yet he was there. 

I keep thinking I must be paying back for something horribke, like karma is really screwing with me. It’s one of the very few things I really believe in.

I think I can now say he’s seen me at my worst. Yet he didn’t run.

Thank you for the little lap time today. It’s funny how as I change I still need that. 

Get home safe sir.

Miss you

I’m not a brat

But I really can be a petulant 2 year old.

Sir and I had a lazy night at home. He napped as I cooked and then we cuddled on the couch to watch sherlock. As will happen the English accents put me right out and at midnight he woke me to go to bed.

We e both been fighting colds and I just need sleep.

For the first time Sir and I are on the same sleep schedule and he was up when my alarm went off. 

I am used to not speaking for at least an hour. I’ve done this for the past decade and it wasn’t until today that I realized I just can’t speak. I said shhhh to sir. I was like a 2 year old. 

It’s wasn’t that I didn’t want to speak, but my brain doesn’t make words that early. I went took out his juice, put on the coffe, fed the dogs and when I came out of the bathroom he was shocked that I put the tray on the table. 

He asked when I did that. I explained. It wasn’t that I was unhappy to see him, I just don’t wake up well. I as m not a morning person even though I’m up early.

This mood has carried into work and when I opened my email seeing a meeting till 5 when I leave at 4, I went into full tantrum, kicking and pounding my fists, even crying. I’m really not adult in all that well today:(

Why must I adult?

Back to work 

I would much rather be cuddled on the couch with sir.

Our visit is almost over and I’ll miss him. It was full of hugs and cuddles, good food and friends. 

I already put in for days off for the next  2 months. This year I’m going to try to show Sir that I appreciate him. I think I’m doing OK so far.

Sending the biggest hugs as we are still discussing the anal beads on the work christmas tree;)

Happy New Year

For the third year I was lucky enough to be with my most favorite person, Sir.

It’s funny how NYE parties never live up to expectations. Yet every year we try and go out thinking, this will be the tear it does.

DOV was, yup, was a vanillaish party that I really looked forward to until ……The hipsters invaded. Ugh I almost cried. Gone was the mandatory dress code, the secret knowledge that just about everyone there was one form of kinky or another. What saved it was having Sir and FGD with me. I kinda wanted to leave after 10 minutes.

Eventually we did and ended up at a friends fetish party. There was drama a foot. Stupid little girls and there stupid little lives. I really need to sit FGD down this week and have a long conversation with him about his choice in crappy play partners. He needs to set rules and boundaries with them or they will end up hurting N. That I will not allow.

In the end it was the company that saved the night. When all was not what I expected Sir was sitting right by my side, making it all ok. Now he’s sleeping and for some reason I’m up and way too awake.

Thank you Sir for being by my side.