It’s funny the little things that set you ff when you’re over stressed.

I was in a meeting and the pm brought up a topic that was to be tagged as development after the go live. This was in writing by my boss to her. I told her that we should take it off line. I mean maybe she didn’t see the email? She then proceeded to ignore me and talk over me. It was a gut reaction.I picked up my phone and slammed it down. The room went dead silent.

My vp sitting across from me covered ad the people in the front didn’t see me totally loose it. He said “oh she just dropped her phone”

The supervisor next to me saw it too. She kept going, not dropping it. I passed the vp a note explaining why I said to tale it off line. So I told her right in front of everyone, making her look like an ass for not listening to her boss.

I left the meeting went right to my boss and told her if anyone says I slammed my phone down, they are right I did. She totally agree dedicated with me and is going to repremand the pm today.

Normally I would have never acted out, but my emotions are raw today. I’m no longer empty or sad, the vulnerable side is gone. Now I’m not agressive, more like I’m really tired of putting up with other people’s shit. A take no prison kind of mood. Luckily I have only one more meeting with her today. 

My goal, don’t get my silly ass fired.

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