I need cuddles 

It’s too damn cold.

Like super insane I feel it in my bones cold. 

The only thing getting me through this insane day is that sir and I can cuddle later.

The blanket that took a year to make is all ready for a nice night in and a movie.

Going out and being social can wait for tomorrow. 

Yesterday was such a struggle. I have really been hitting a brick wall this week. It seems like everything I do has roadblocks. I need 10 more hours a day and I might, just might get everything done I’d like too in a day.

The one good thing that has happened is my custom collar was finished. I’m kinda torn about the need of it….not sure if this will make sense or not. It’s beautiful and It will serve as a good “back off” sign at parties. 

Yet since that collaring, I don’t hold much regard for the nessessity of it. These past months with either nothing or the day collar, I’m still the same person, with less  neck irratation:)

Not sure I’d Sir feels the same. I guess we can talk tonight. 

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