Sir Arrived

Normally upon his arrival it goes one of 2 ways. I meet him in the city for an adventure or something tourist-like or I meet him at the subway and we have a nice meal alone.

Yesterday L had gotten him a gift and really wanted to give it him in person. Work L had been working in cahoots with sir to get me an early birthday gift. She was also fighting with her husband and since her car wasn’t dug out I suggested she share my uber. So the 2 of us headed to my house and the box containing sirs gift was at the door. Sadly it was the first time amazon sent just the box and not a privacy box, so I saw it was speakers and not something for her husband like she said. We had a good laugh.

I met sir at the train and we picked up some pizza, within minutes L was there with his gift. Sir really like it. A pirate flask with belt holder. We all hung out chatted and had a nice night.

Once they left I was able to show Sir the new collar.

I’m pretty sure he liked it because within minutes we were in the bedroom and the new toy came out. I hit subspace very quick and hard as my legs were spread and he was belting my clit. The new collar is much bigger and I didn’t realize that in that position it was very restrictive on my breathing. I couldn’t hold my legs up long and it was my fault. I made a rookie mistake. I pointed my toes and grabbed my ankles. Anyone with a knee injury would know to flex your feet to protect you knees. Sir knows me and if I’m having issue listening its not for lack of trying. We changes positions and I think it was the whip that he allowed me to cum with the new toy on my clit.

Funny I try to talk but I don’t think words ever come out…but if they did it would have been….please, please, please, sir, sir ,sir,cum, cum, cum… cum not him:)

So even if I could form words the normal brain pattern is gone. I remember giggling softly as I realized that. Seconds later that stopped as he fucked my cunt and I went away again.

I was able to rally the last of my energy to show him the drawer of things I had been collecting since his last visit. Mementos of the moments he missed. Things like a box of matches from the hotel orgy, my sign from the woman’s march, lol, light bulbs he told me to get, since I’m way to short to change them on my own and a few other odds and ends.

Back out on the couch and the lack of air had really exhausted me and in minutes I was fast asleep. I don’t know when but sir woke me to go to bed and we cuddled nicely until I could sleep no longer.

Time to go wake him, fresh bagels are in the kitchen and the coffee is set.

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