Happy Valentine Tuesday

Sir is still sleeping. The past two days I’ve not been feeling great, but we’ve still managed to get out and  do some things. Last night was more hot flashes. I feel so bad, sleeping with me is sometimes like sleeping with the heat of the sun next to him.

Yesterday we hung out with my little french shadow and Sir got to stroll around a part of bklyn he had wanted to see. It was nice and low key. The wind was horrible and we decided to stay in for dinner.

The other night at the party was interesting. Lots of rope and orgy girl joined us with a friend. It was her first party and now she is obsessed with the idea of being suspended. It had horrible seating where there was any, but I had seen on the stage there was a guy that is well known for his fire play and making girls laugh, so I asked Sir if I could see if he had any openings. One girl told me he was booked for the night, but he agreed to fit me in. When I was on my back it was nice, like hot stones and once he saw that I trusted him and didn’t flinch he turned me over and the tickles started. Then he put stretched out cotton on my nipples and set the ablaze, to anyone looking it looked very showy and scary but my reaction was hysterical laughter. I can’t even explain how much it tickled. The scene ended with both of us laughing our asses off and a big hug.

As this was going on Sir was talking to a Domme dressed as a school matron. I really had to used the bathroom and the line was super long. I ran into SMG on the way back and we both saw that the two of them were in deep conversation and agreed that I was really in for it. Sir told me she wanted to practice her flogging skills and we found a place near the coat check. She was nicely sadistic and Sir allowed me many o’s as she was flogging my clit.

Soon after that we left.

Today will be a day of us just enjoying being with each other. It is both happy Tuesday and Happy V-day. Neither of us put much stock into this holiday, but it’s nice it falls on Tuesday. I think it’s off to the gym for me and a little research on something that Sir will like for later today.

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