My first con

It’s a long story how I ended up here, but the short version, N begs well.

So the hostess, FGD, N and I along with enough luggage to dress a village in fetish wear drive 5 hours to the land of ….trump. FGD talked for about 4 hours straight!

It’s three hotels, the event in one, the hostess and I in another and n abd FGD in the last. They are all in one sqare block, so it’s not too bad getting around.

We settled in and head to the main hotel. It’s amazing the amount of people and play space. BG is here with her group, god she looks even thinner than last week.

We toured and mingled, then needed food. It’s funny to see a part of the Capitol taken over by kinksters. If you didn’t know better you’d think it was a Scottish goth event, too many kilted men 🙂

Back to the hotel and it was the main ball night, so little R’s dress had to be worn. FGD commented on how when I walk through a room people parted and just stared as I floated by. 

Oops running late, more later

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