So I kinda forget where I left off.

N had a good scene with FGD. then we had ours, poor hostess was looking for someone to beat all night, so I told her if she found no cute boys she could beat me. Oh famous last words.

Her toys are much cruelest than his, but her touch is softer and that makes it ok.

Funny im sitting alone at the hotel pup, having a good beer. With the exception of missing sir all is quite right with the world in this very moment.

I screamed fuck I can’t cum I can’t cum. Thought it was a thought but no, it was a scream.

After he had 2 more scenes on with bible girl that was pretty brutal, dragging her through the main dungeon by her hair, real tears from a rather fake girl.

Oh I also put the rope god in his place. Bg got a kick out of it.

I figure now that I’m thinner and he knows I’ve done suspension he acknowledges I’m alive. I spit him up with a smile on my face. Damn it felt good.

We ended the night watching a scene from another local couple, his toy case was astounding. US 3 girls on a table, huddled for warmth watching a playful,joyful, full of laughter scene. It was a good end to the first night.

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