A good long hug

That’s what n needed. Yesterday the bitch cane out in her full force. She battled with everyone, except the hostess and i. Oh don’t get me wrong there was a lot of shit talk thrown at me, but I like that, so it’s ok.

When she came though the door she wet straight into my arms. I got her some coffee and onto the couch. All clothes on and we held each other and talked for 2 hours. There was laughter, tears, emotions exchanged. I admitted to her that saturday night was the first time I let go and allowed my sadistic side out. She was very happy that I trusted her enough to give her that special first. I even told her how afraid I became that she would hate me because I sometimes hate myself.

FGD showed up at the right time. The nasty girl in n was gone and we talked and listened to music. There was good wine and cheese and my bitchy little blonde dog fell in love with him. Lol, he tamed yet another bratty sub.

Oddly, I still could use lap time. I miss you Sir.

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