Real Friends

Last night L from work dropped me to meet up with my first work husband, his side chick, the bride and groom. I figured my time is limited and I needed good kink friendly vanilla people around me.

I didn’t realize just how well they would all get along. There was a bro-mance with the guys, they even exchanged numbers. I made plans to go with the side chick to yoga. The bride has expressed that she is demanding to meet Sir on the birthday trip. My old work husband also wants to go to a party. It also never occurred to me that the groom listens and knows I’m kinky. Some how we on the subject of C. I also failed to tell towh that we were no longer friends. I think this was actually weighing on the groom. He pulled me out for a smoke and we had a long conversation. He basically said he doesn’t care what I’m into as long as I’m happy. He even said hell, when he met the bride he knew she was bi, had a past drug addiction and years of abuse, but he loved her. They are closing on a house near me and he wanted me to know they will always be there for me. I will always have a safe place to go.The bride has many friends, but I’m the only one that when she comes home she is happy, really happy. He wants me to plan more yoga adventures this year because he sees how much it really does for her spirit. Then he said something that I never realized. He saw what I went through. He never said anything, but he was there for a good part of my marriage and he has no idea how I lived through it. It’s funny how when you’re in something, you don’t stop and see the others watching. He gave me a big hug and we cried and he told me I derserve to be happy, no matter what. Funny I guess that was his way of saying, I know you’re into some kinky shit, but I see you and your my friend.

I had started to write this yesterday morning when SMG had walked through the door. I had closed the laptop cover and headed out to have a most unusual and enjoyable day, but I need to get my but to the gym, so I’ll write about that later Sir.

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