Yoga weekend

Today I took a long look at march.

I also took a look at my groupon account to see what yoga classes would be expiring. I have a month of hot yoga I started yesterday and then 5 more classes at another studio that will expire the begining of april. Plus my 2 steady classes each week. 

So I set to make myself up a game plan to get the most out of it. A gift to myself for my birthday. Yoga is really the only way I’ve come up with to express self love. Without it I’m pretty certain I’d be a much different person.

That brings me to this weekend. The last few have been so busy and the middle of the month will bd crazy too. So I got this idea, a treat to me, an at home yoga weekend. 2 classes a day, one in the morning, then one in the evening, ending with a restorative class. I’m pretty excited about this. I’ll still do my normal weekend things, but my goal, is just be a little slower. I find I rush through things and don’t stop to really enjoy the moment.

The other thing on my mind…I think the timing is great. This Sunday is my hometowns st paddy’s day parade.  In my old life, saturday would have been spent running around and coordinating stuff and then Sunday would have been drama, fights and way too much drinking. Since my ex and I split I’ve been going to the brides house with an old coworker. 

I haven’t heard from her on months, then out of the blue yesterday I get a message from her to both me and the bride asking what we were doing. She would start the day with me and half way through ditch me for a guy. I’d have to fond my way home alone and I generally felt used. 

At first I didn’t respond. The bride did, telling her she want thinking of doing anything. I kniw that’s a lie, because you can watch the oarade from her house and she does a family dinner right after. Like me she’s tired of feeling used for her food and house.

Later I told her I have no intention of going. She begged and asked why. I waited hours and replied I don’t want to deal with all of the drinking and the people from my past. What started as a fuck you message, when I looked back, was the most honest thing I could say.

She said ok, since the thought of not getting shit faced is unthinkable to her. I don’t even think she read past that line to see I’ve moved on and don’t want certain people in my life. 

So instead of fights and seeing ex husbands, ex boyfriend, ex best friends and drinking I’m going to go to yoga:)

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