Feed Back

Something that in a D/s relationship is super important, but so lacking in the land that is vanilla. I just realized that today.

First I’ll start with yesterday. Back at the dentist again. It all worked out and I seem to be on the mend. FGD and N met me after the appointment and we all headed for a lite dinner and a drink. N was super stressed out and needed laughs and cuddles. FGD needed his friends. I think he’s feeling really lost lately. As crazy as the two of us can be we have an oddly grounding effect on him. When we have conversations they are open and without the bull shit of things we should say and such. They are honest and based upon our thoughts and feelings.

Sir would have enjoyed our little outing. All of us were dealing with different stresses and pressures and by the end we had smiles and there weren’t even spankings involved.

I had to work last night and it’s left me rather empty today. Sir was nice enough to give me many wake up calls so I didn’t have to stay up straight through. I just finished the couple of hours of things I had to do for work today and in a meeting with a vendor it hit me. Why am I the only one that supplies feed back? I believe in a business sense no feed back is an attempt to hide things. This rings true in all relationships and I no longer understand people’s inability to just say what’s going on, how they are affected by things.

It really pisses me off. Having said that yesterday’s mood had lifted and maybe a bit of frustration is what I need to get life up and running again. I am so sorely missing my yoga practice. Dentist number one said I was cleared, now for dentist number two to agree. If so I’m thinking of heading to a new studio and an all levels class tonight. As much as I’d hate to, I’m probably better off not doing crazy lady tomorrow, but I found a restorative class that may be a better option than a hard fast level 4. I feel cramped, not in any one place, but just in general. I need to get some freedom from the bad pain I’ve dealt with and to start feeling like me again, without rushing things. Right now I’m ok about an 8 on the good scale. Best I’ve been in a week.

I’m going to start by taking a nice long walk, alone, no dogs, just me and some music.

One thought on “Feed Back”

  1. Huh, this I hadn’t considered before. Is it possible that most communication issues are from a lack of feedback?

    Glad you’re feeling better. The dedication you have to your yoga practice inspires me to never quit. Thank you.

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