Funny though occurred to me today. Sir phrases things in an exact manner. An example, when he’s planning a surprise. He will say things like, he’s been busy and had no privacy to speak. That was because he was traveling to see me. Things like that.

that isnt just reserved for the D types though. I remembered when I was around 12 I did something similar to my mother all of the time. She had declared I was not allowed on the ferry. Oh stupid mother, she never said I was not allowed in the city.I wasn’t your normal 12 year old, I traveled by myself all of the time. I really think childhood ended for me on my 8th birthday and I went straight to adulthood.

I think this demand was prompted by one of her friends seeing me traveling to the city. I used to go downtown and just read at battery park when I was bored.

So I took out my map, subway and bus, yes actual paper and realized I could take a bus to bklyn. Problem solved. So like a good girl I promised, I’d never be caught on the boat and never was. 

That was when I discovered my current neighborhood. I got off the bus and I knew it was familiar. I walked around and it wasn’t much different looks wise, but it was mostly Irish aND Italian. I found a rare record store and some great cheap clothes, mom and pop places. I never made it onto the train that day.

We moved the following month and for years after, we moved often. My mother would comment how it was funny, no matter where we went, my room would have a view of the bridge. I guess it was always my secret escape route.

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