If I were a rich girl…

That was the weekend I had.

Friday night yoga in a super upscale hipster neighborhood. What an unusual mix of people. Part super newbies, the entire queer population and me.

It was great, but I only have one more class at that studio. Came home and l stopped by. I told him to get over himself. He was all pissy because n might come to the birthday night out and he didn’t want to cause a scene. So I told him, then dont. I don’t give two fuck if yoh two aren’t speaking and I told him a long time ago, he doesn’t need to be friends with everyone I’m friends with.

I also told him I don’t like his new friends and I can still be cordial to them, he should show me enough respect to do the same.

Saturday yoga got cancelled and n stopped by. I got a quick nap and my stitches out. Later to see Regina spektor. It was a great night. I got to eat real food again, oh how I missed food.

Sunday, dayli g ht savings screwed me up and I overslept. It wa s nt the end of the world. I got my nails done, headed to a yoga class, stopped for coffee then back to the fancy studio for a restorative class.

It hit me in the first class. A perfect t life would mirror a good asana. Breathe, prepare, do something really hard, relax. Repeat. I don’t mind putting in the work if you know that relief is there when you stop. After that hard practice the restorative to me was even more work. It’s what I mainly wish to teach, because for me it’s a challenge. The goal is to let go, not to work, not to think to release and be in that very moment. At the end, nothing in life can get you down.

Today didn’t start great. I grabbed one dog then my phone, then the other and I wasn’t awake enough. I had a choice drop a dog or the phone, so the end result is a cracked screen. I didn’t get upset, it sucks because Sir brought me the phone, but phones can be fixed, little old dogs may not be.

Becky has agreed if the office is open he will cover snowpocolyse. It’s his turn and luckily he doesn’t leave for vacation until Wednesday. So tomorrow is a,snow day. I could do without it, but oh well.

Missing Sir, very mushy. He’s the only thing I would have added to my rich girl weekend.

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