Snowy soft days

It’s not pretty snow, more like raging ice from hell in NYC.

Yet today I want to have a “soft” day. Everything is closed, so I have no temptations to go outside, not even to the gym around the corner. My yoga studio sent the cute NAMASTE-IN -BED message that they are suspending classes. The city that never sleeps seems to be taking a nap. The pups are in a pile and sleeping soundly. This big old brick building is peaceful. No screaming babies as I guess everyone is sleeping soundly.

Last night was fun. N had her whole family and FGD, the host, the hostess and 3 of their friends showed up for a nice Monday night jazz show. It was funny to see such a mix of people get along so well. FGD needed it. This was the place he would celebrate things with FetGirl. Not because she liked it, but because he did. When N said her nephew needed to write a paper on jazz, I could only think, we should all go there. New memories had to be made for him. He needed to see that it was still a good place and now the number of people there for him has grown, not diminished because one has left. For that one he gained four and his friends continue to grow as people get to know him, not them.

I didn’t just do it for him. Something in me needed to be with people yesterday too. I just needed a good day and I got one.

So now I have lots of little things to do in the house and the building is starting to show signs of life. I’m still going to be soft about things. I’m not going to rush from one chore to the next. I tend to be super hard on myself and today is about being easy.


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