Too many humans 

I’m burnt out and it’s only 10am. 

Lately I’ve had to deal with too many people. The main problem I have is dealing with too many personalities and I really wish I could maybe cut it down to 5 tops.

My cousin cancelled and o’s heading to the west coast. I’m happy for her, she’s needed a real vacation for a while and her best friend is stationed there.

That leaves me with tickets for a very late Saturday show. Sir suggested a couple of people to ask, but, I really would like to go with someone I know and like as a person. One girl, I haven’t spoken too in over a month and the other one is nice to go to events with but that’s where it ends for me. She’s too into her cunt and bring with a different mam every night. I’m not judging but the reality is she’s the type to say yes today and then cancel for cock reasons.

Speaking of people that cancel all the time…I get a call from little R as I’m trying to get to work. My phone decides to freeze so I couldn’t answer.something said, text her back. Thank god I did. So I yell her I’m running late and I’ll call her when I get in. No response. I say fuck it, I’m already in a shit mood so I follow through and call. No response. All of a sudden u get a call from her sugar mommas line and it’s her! She’s hiding from her old boss. Of course she called because she needed me to swipe her into the other building for an interview. So stupid, like they won’t ask her old boss about her? 

Please don’t let her cone back. Work has been so much nicertain without her. She never asked how I was, instead gave me shit over not calling her. Ughhh.

So now I’m tring to find someone I want to be around this weekend and I’m not thrilled.

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