Busy days

I had a really good meeting. 9am, I was ready, excited. I ran it and got a personal thank you and literal pat on the back from my vp. Plus bonus points for not throwing anything:)

Today is historically a weird day. I don’t go out to the bars, I actually do the opposite abd with reason. Kelly green dress on that’s 20 years old, crap make that 22, but not worn except for st paddy’s day. A gift from nana, I call it vintage old navey. It’s tradition. That and not getting drunk. I have one beer, that’s it and it’s not in some crowded bar.

This is also the 26th sober anniversary for my mother, good Irish girl she is. 

Funny I don’t drink to cheers her, I drink to celebrate that I’m not her.

It’s silly, but it’s tradition.

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