Long Talks

Yesterday was three days in one. The first part dealing with the dermatologist. If your kink is humiliation, I suggest a full body exam. This is not a kink of mine, so standing there naked as my body is put under a magnifying mirror was not a fun experience for me. I did get a couple of little things removed near my eyes and suffered for that vanity the rest of the day. The good news is my love of the sun has not caused any issues, so until next year I won’t have to go through that. So now keep in mind the rest of the day I have what could only be described as itchy, burning around my eyes. Lasers to your lower lid are not the way to start a weekend.

Then to the good part of the day. Yoga. It was an unexpected class. The studio was hosting teacher training and it was mostly super advanced students saying goodbye to a teacher they knew well that was moving out of state. So the hour class extended to two and there was a portion of acro yoga that was a real treat. I’ve made it a point to speak to at least one stranger per class and even though I’ve gotten no numbers it’s gotten me out of my shell. See the issue I have with flirting at yoga, well, it’s just a creepy thing to do. It’s an unwritten rule, not to creep on people at yoga because it’s a “safe” zone. It would be like me being one of those dudes at the gym. No one likes the dudes at the gym or the way you feel when one approaches.

Time to go, I’ll get back to this post on the train.

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