I am Lava

or at least when I sleep I am.

Poor Sir has to deal with this. Long gone are the nights of cuddles replaced with hot flashes.

With the exception of this one very large issue his trip has been nice so far. We went into the city and saw an exhibit at FIT then over to see a gallery. We walked over 5 miles, not too much for me, but more than Sir normally does due to the weather.

I showed him where FGD and I went that one night after work that I was a total mess. We had drinks and walked a good distance up the newly developed west side. FGD was waiting at a bar down near his job. We grabbed a drink and then N picked us up.

I was in so much pain as my week of yoga came to an end. 11 hours of yoga and then the soreness had set in, FGD said even in as much discomfort as I was in I looked happy. Everyone sees the difference in my face when Sir is in town.

We went to a crappy hipster part of bklyn and had a nice night at a community social. Really good food and drinks and company. As I alway do I fell asleep on the way home. It doesn’t matter who you are just know if we are in the back of a car and the sun is down I’m going to fall asleep on your shoulder or lap. So in the blink of an eye we were home.

Today Sir is trying to get some much needed sleep and I am trying to find some remedy’s for the night sweats.

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