Birthday Surprises for the Slave

Last night I was a little off. We had plans to go to a well known club and our friends were throwing their first party there.

I knew it would be nice to get out and once I was there the fog would lift. I did tell Sir a big part of me just wanted to stay home, by day 7 I was kinda done with the whole birthday thing. L and M showed up and we had some nice talks and stuff before leaving.

A few people cancelled last minute, but that always happens.

There were no scenes set up, other than the traditional birthday spanking and I’m pretty sure at last count I am officially 179 years old. Or so I thought…….

L and M went rather quickly into the back rooms. That’s where the more sexual kinky stuff occurs. I thought that was weird, but I didn’t think too much of it, since L gets a bit jealous of my other friends and they have been on a streak of meeting new play partners.

SMG came in and right behind her was Bow tie man and the Bi Bulgarian. It was great to see them and I hadn’t realized it’s been almost a year since we’ve all been out. We were chatting and at that point everyone in the main club was just in a social mood. Sir had wandered off, but I don’t pay much mind when he  does that. I figured he was just looking around and saying hi to people.

The host and hostess came over for a quick chat and then FGD came in, looking rather pleased with himself. He asked How my night was going and I said good, He said “oh Botton, just good? Well, it’s about to get a lot better” Crap, Fuck, right there I knew something was in the works and in a matter of a second Sir was back with a blind fold. He lead me into the back rooms and sat down and had me face him, lifted my skirt and I felt a strapon. Totally a different feel from the real thing. I recall saying I really trust you a lot to not even be questioning this. I knew it would have been a girl I knew and then she pulled my hair and at that moment I knew it was N.

I came and then the blind fold came off and all of my friends minus L and M were there. Lol, only in this lifestyle can you say happy birthday, I’m going to fuck you doggie style with all of your closest friends watching to show you how much I love you. There was a big birthday cake and candles and gifts. The DC gang all chipped in and brought me the harness and dildo that I was fucked with. The rule, can’t get a new toy and leave the club before you use it:)

A riger that I’ve seen a few times came over and told me part of my gift was a suspension and when ever I was ready to come and find him.

I had one spanking prior to this, then at least four people got their wacks in as a group effort. BB sadly drank way too much and within minutes they were in a cab home.

So N was supposed to be busy with family stuff, but it turns out that stuff was actually done on Tuesday. She hated not telling me and when I thought about it, everyone had been rather silent this week. I just thought it was because they knew I was in a full yoga mode and then Sir was coming in, but it was so none of them slipped up and ruined the surprise.

Sir got to see what I had been telling him about. N turns into the most foul mouthed bitch during a scene. I don’t think he really expected it, but it’s always fun to watch. I had some good chats with BG and the merry bunch of rope bunnies. She was excited to see me go up, finally. She didn’t approve of the rigger, but she’s part of that really advanced circle and I just wanted to fly. I did a side suspension, my first and it was amazing. I even was able to end it when my pinkie went numb, something I normally had a hard time doing. Sir was there and he understands my gibberish well.

Oh and SMG even gave me a spanking. Ahe’s funny because she’s always so shy and kind that to have her on the other side of the bench must have been funny. There are so many moments I wish I could have seen but was in. I guess I’ve been trying to stay more in the moment and I did.

I went looking for L and M a few times and they were occupied with others. L was a little pissed and I know why without even talking to him. N was there and they recently had a fight. Another couple was there that they played with and they used him to meet people and then pushed them to the side. I had no use for them and it showed.

I did make sure to get him at a point where he was not in a scene and ask for my birthday spanking. I hope that showed that I care, even if I was off playing with others.

Sir is still sleeping. Time to wake him up and tell him thank you for a great night out.

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