Crap that test was loud. I also got a massive cramp in my back as I stayed there not moving for an hour. It was the ultimate test of my ability to meditate.

I refuse to let this stop my plans for what is as close to a perfect Sunday as I can have.  Pilates class followed by shopping and getting my eyebrows done. Off to downtown bklyn for a yoga class and then to union square. I have this horrid lipstain to return, a stop for some good wine and cheese for my little dog. Yeah, that’s right for my dog….

Then I think I’ll head over to one of the last large chain book stores still open. I’m looking for something on different restorative practices and I need that in actual print. I miss the smell of  real books, nothing beats it.

The weather promises to be perfect so I may just set out on a long walk. I’ll see how I feel and how the dreaded trains are running. Yesterday they seemed ok going to the city, but home, not so much. Maybe I’ll treat myself to a bus ride instead. Guess I’m feeling rich today. I invited FGD. Today is a year ago that the last nail in the coffin of his and Fetgirls relationship was hammer in. She took another man to a place that was there’s and he would never forgive her. I carry some guilt about this. I can’t help it. I was there, worse Sir and I went with her. So I feel as though I should make sure he ok, even if he doesn’t recall the date. I do know he was thinking about her the other day. It’s been a year and I think marking the first year is the hardest.

An up note, my hands are still cold. Never thought that would be a good thing, but now that I know the fire within me, I’ll take cold hands instead.

Not much more to say, my brain is still a little still from yesterday……..

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