Don’t tell then I’m here!

That’s me at work today, I’m hiding!

Maybe if I stay quite no one will bother me. Tomorrow will be a much different day, so I’m going to just enjoy this moment of peace 

Talking with the hostess brought up a few po derived points for me. Like fir instance, why do other submissive girls pissed me off? 

It’s sad, but the really do, or at least the local ones. The are either flighty or devious.

I also told her o was back and I’m really not excited by that. Not that I don’t like her, we just aren’t what we need.  

It’s a sad kind of funny, because we both need more. She needs a third for her family, all three of them. I just need a female to trust without all the strings and obligations. 

This all makes  me question some things about myself. I guess I’m in a weird mood, not happy not sad, just kinda not satisfied. Maybe hippy guy and coffee with l will change that. 

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