Let’s hear it for the strong ones

Doesn’t matter your gender, age or how you identify there’s the strong and the weak.

Funny I don’t think that many people who see them self as strong really are. Most are just martyrs. Strong is knowing when you need help. Strong is being broken and damaged abd still having faith that not everyone on this world is going to hurt you.

Being weak, that’s totally different. I see so many people saying oh poor me. Full of resentments and made up problems or worse real problems that they blow up in their own heads.

These are the ones I know I need to stay away from. Nothing brings up my anger like these people.

Funny this post has jack shit to do with lifestyle friends it is actually more directed towards people at work. This is the place I am the strongest and one by one….the weak are showing themselves.

2 thoughts on “Let’s hear it for the strong ones”

  1. Funny, I just left an AA mtg where people were talking about resentments. Some of the shares were full of the sharers rejoicing in being victims. The greatest act of strength lies in letting go.

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