What am I missing?

I do this thing where I totally ignore that voice on my head. That voice that says things aren’t right.

I do this until either that doubts come true or I explode.

Not the greatest personality flaw, but I know I do it. I own it. 

Last night I had a really shitty dream and the parts of it I recall were just crap.

 When Sir plans things he gives me what I refer to as “Dom” answers. They aren’t lies, they are stories in liu of actual answers or he just becomes generally vague. There are times I just accept that and move on, other times they sit in my subconscious brain.

This leads to mild insecturies. Lately I’ve gotten a feeling that isn’t sitting well. Not going to write about it here.

On a lighter note, mean, bitchy, drop n has returned to almost normal. 

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