Social exhustion

Yesterday was……beyond hard. 

Meetings and my boss brought her 4 year old in. I will say coloring during a two hour long meeting was good for keeping my temper under control. I asked if we could allow that as part of our workflow. 

It’s friday and I still have a ton of work to do. No fair, since the entire neighborhood was still sleeping when I kept for the office today. It was like a Sunday morning. 

I tried a new workout yesterday gyrotonic tower. They say it’s yoga for dancers and once I was taught some monifications for my feet I really enjoyed it. 

I also forgot to tell Sir next weekend is the yoga journal conference at the Hilton in the city. Crazy lady told me and it’s stupid expensive , but they have a few free community classes. Today I’ll find out what ones she signed up for and register. 

I’m a little pensive about my ortho appointment tomorrow. If my knees are as bad as I think, I need to reevaluate teacher training. Is getting certified worth possibly not being able to continue practicing as I do? Plus if they can fix them it would mean recovery time and I’d loose a large part of the strength I’ve worked really hard to achieve. 

Tonight I’m going out with n and fgd. Part of me wants to stay in. This past week has been a drain on me socially. I feel like saying good morning is an extreme effort. These are the days I really wish I had a family. The days where I’d like to come home fall onto the couch, order food and cuddle with a good movie. I know sounds weird to be socially exhusted but to want people to come home to.

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