Stress and the slave

It could be sex if I had a vomit fetish.

My stomach is in knots over work and the way things are going. I’ve alerted my bosses to the fact that a meeting this afternoon may set me over the edge. I’m lucky, they are good people that have my back.

I spent most of the weekend with n and fgd. It was nice. Saturday, good food and after dealing with my family on easter a night sunset hanging out on the rooftop. I still feel crappy going home alone but I felt a little less so.

I looked at my email and I have an invite to happy hour and a lunch and learn with a topic of stress management. Guess I’m not the only one feeling the pressure.

L from work is in a really bad way. I took a few minutes this morning to try to help her find a psychologists. She’s taken to the bed and is pretty much suicidal. 

I feel helpless.

It’s like I’m riding a wave and I have no way if controlling where I’ll end up.

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