I tried reading some rather difficult texts on yoga philosophies. 

Deciding, I’m so nit there yet, I brought starter books. One is 7 lessons for sucess. Turns out one lesson is something that I do and have done this past year. I’ve been working on my dharma. That’s taking gifts you have and sharing them with others. I’ve been doing this thinking, hell maybe my karma will improve. Turns out its connected, but not.

It can be practiced in both tangible and intangible ways. Doing the girls hair, the ones I never charge anything but a hug for. Even sharing knowledge at work in a clear and understandable fashion. Listening to l even when I feel emotionally I’ve got nothing else to give. Being there for n, when she thinks the world has abandoned her.

I found another lesson I think would benefit me and that’s learning the art of disconnecting. Meeting time so I’ll explain that later.

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