I miss…

This weekend was half really good, half really bad.

Brunch with the bride was fun, lots of chatting, laughing and even a ferry ride. 

That night n was staying over. It’s the first time she has and it took much planning and for fgd to be occupied with someone else. I can’t bitch about being second, o mean that would be wrong. Yet, it’s there a bit. 

We had along talk when she got there. Things are to the breaking point with her husband. I feel really bad. Her family is behind her and I hope she can get out once and for all. 

Funny as we talk she had no shirt on and I have skimpy pj’s. We talk holding each other. Most of our conversations happen with my head on her tits. She makes me feel safe. Almost like sir, but not the same. 

What makes her different than other girls I’ve been with? There no judgement, I can tell her anything and even from the start, she wouldn’t look at me with ….that look. All girls have it, it’s a look that a million times worse than a man calling u a whore.

Also she never ever disrespects Sir. When we play the first thing she does o’s look to see where the phone is. No matter how involved we are the second she thinks I might start to cum, she puts the phone in my hand.

Last, we have no dynamic. With us so far, all of our private plan is sensuous. We don’t even use toys. It’s as vanilla as the both of us get. It’s what we need from eachother. 

So I had all the toys out. We agreed no impliments in private, we save that for public play. As sick as I am, even starting to replay it, my cunt drips. 

She told me at the start, she just wanted to please me. That’s something I’ll never allow, I’m no pillow princess, but I knew what she meant. I can see flashes if her sucking my nipple and locking my cunt. So warm, so soft. Knowing her one on one experience with a woman is only with me, I asked her if there was anything she wanted to try. She wanted to sizzor. She came and then I asked her if we could 69, I had to jump off of her face for two reasons. First it was too soon and if I came it would have been unstoppable and ended the night, second I felt my need to really top her and she’s not ready for that yet.

She started again, sucking abd likcling my clit, that was my first call to sir. Then I started walking her through fisting me. We called and I came, then sir talked her through it the rest of the way. I finally let all the stress go and floated deeply in subspace as she held me and I cried. That’s how we fell asleep, I never came back from my subspace, but remain there in her arms until the morning.

I only wish I could have said goodnight to sir and thank you. The thank you is not for the cums, but for being strong enough to know that I need that female conection.

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