Anything is possible with enough lube!

A long long time ago, all the way back in January, n brought mr glitter. She saw it across the room, big, thick, gold and glowing. A large suction cup dildo.

It was stored in my play chest with the promise that I would take its virginity. I don’t think I realized just how big he was!

N came by Saturday night. She was in a weird mood. We watched the story of o. I was running on a few hours of sleep and she was still list in her own thoughts. She put on another movies and I fell asleep with my head in her lap.

Sir called to say he was going to sleep, so I knew no cums, I figured no play either, but I was wrong.

As we layer down she asked me if I would let her fuck me. She also wanted me to ride her. Then she said where’s Mr glitter? I think really? Ride that fucking monster? Ok, with enough lube I can totally do this. 

Sir was fast asleep and n was latelling so she had an edge for every minute. 20 total. We both fell asleep exhusted and wet in each others arms.

The following morning she asked again wanting to finish her last 2 edges and cum. The suction part attached to her clit snd every movement causing her to come close to climaxing. In just a few minutes she was cumng and I was still edging. 

I gave a real love-hate with denial. The energy is great, but at a point I become unable to focus. I’m nearing that point. 

Yesterday I figured out why she was in a weird mood. It was saturday, the day her husband was in another country, signing away her kids future. 

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