Don’t be a passive agressive subbie fuck to me

That’s right, I said it. 

Don’t throw your Diggs and shit to me. I won’t take it. This is going to sound horrible but in hindsight he’s lucky that his cat died or last night I would have lost it on him. This is L I’m speaking of.

He’s the type thay can’t stand when his friends have other friends. For a long time he’s said I have too many friends and I’ve ignored it. Last night says that the problem us when you have too many friends you ignore your old ones. Dude I fucking talk to you 5 times a day, what more do you want from me? He said he’s our of the nyc club scene, so what that means I am too? No, not happening and if it does its not because if him.

He made many other comments that he’s been stewing and sitting on. I told him that he needs to cut it out and that holding on and waiting for the moment to get back at someone isn’t healthy. 

Today I’m pretty much disgusted with him. 

Poor Sir got an ear full last night. When dealing with l I stood up for myelf, but kept in a super controlled, I’m saying this for your benefit voice. Sir got the unedited version.

It sucks when someone close to you purposely tries to make you feel like shit. He doesn’t realize he just knocked him self a lot lower on the friend scale. 

I have too much work and he totally messed up my zen.

Sir always finds an upside, I stood up for myself and I let go if things now. I guess I used to act like L, but it got me no where.

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