Good Morning Sir

Two nights and no dreams. Guess that’s a good thing.

Trying to find the good in all of this. I guess you being ill is taking my mind off of mother’s day. I keep talking to people and they are telling me their Sunday plans and I’m like….Oh, right, Mother’s day.

I decided not to go to yoga, they are doing a mommy and me adult version. That’s not going to be a class worth taking three hours of my life for. Instead I’ll cook some more. Funny I keep cooking, but have zero want of food.

Thank you for letting me help with the medical explanations. It helps not only to know they are taking good care of you, but that you trust me to share what’s going on and value my input.

I woke up a little panicked today until I saw your 6am text. I don’t know what else to say…I’m numb, I miss you. I’m glad your taking care of yourself. I’m trying to take care of me for you. Big hugs. I cried A lot in yoga yesterday. It felt good. I also really practiced the art of Karma. Every person I dealt with I gave a gift. I sent them a silent prayer, not in the catholic kinda way, but in the I wish you the best thought. When we first started speaking I had told you I had made a list and put it out to the universe and it gave me you. Now I send everyone good wishes, putting only positive out there…..again.

My mother always said may all your dreams come true, guess she never thought her daughter would have so many nightmares:)

Hope you are feeling better today and get some answers.

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