Who I am

The universe liks to fuck with me sometimes. Sirs still in the hospital and my stomach is in knots. 

I’m an effort not to explode I turned to that damn daily meditation book and the title is “who I am”

It goes to explain that things people have told us become part of the core of who we think we are. It is what creates self doubt. 

Instead of getting a mantra to repeat, it’s a writing assignment. List all the things you are until there’s nothing left, just the words I am….

This is something Sir worked so hard with me to accept. Hes taught me to embrace who I am. 

SO later when I know he’s ok I’ll do this and then say the words ” today I experience who I truly am.

For now, I’m worried.

2 thoughts on “Who I am”

  1. Oh. I’m curious, just list all things you are? That’s it? I want to try this too.
    I guess I’m a hand holding hug if you want kind of person. Hugs to you.

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