Aham saksih

I am the witness

Today my book is a lesson called “I am not my thoughts”

It takes the following us away from falling prey to your critical thoughts. Trying to accept you gave them, but they are not who you are. 

I feed into this pattern of thinking sometimes. Yesterday I did the exercise of who I am. I didn’t write it because I think quicker than anyone can type. I did every part of me, good, bad,  how others I believe see me, on and on. It took twould hours. I cried and cried and at the end all of those thoughts were gone. I was left laying in bed, saying I am.

I think I started this book as a way to deal with all the things going on and not put my stress onto Sir. Normally Sir deals with everyone’s problems. I never asked him if it was a burden he carried because he always seemed so happy to be good council to so many. 

Right now I’m just trying to keep healthy and balanced for him. This is the only way I can figure to help out. I’m having a really hard time sleeping, but that will pass.

I miss him, but I’m glad that he brought up the holiday trip yesterday. We had plans for memorial day, but it’s going to take tine before he is well enough to travel.  I didn’t want to be the one to say it.

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