Good Morning Sir

I’m learning to try to relax. I’m learning not to plan everything.

No, the lists won’t stop. Life has a way of telling you what you should be doing and I’m going to take away some lessons that I believe we have both learned.

It’s funny because I realized that in the past 2 years I’ve been trying to cram in all the living I didn’t do in the past decade and as a result, burning myself out. That’s why when you would visit I would crash. I would relax and calm down.

Now I need to stop that. I need to figure out how to live life to the fullest, but still have some sown time. So today was no alarm day. Too bad the little dogs didn’t care. They wanted food and decided that I should be up. That’s ok, I’m showered, dressed and even have makeup on. Heading to a class and then out with mom for our post-mother’s day lunch.

Today’s goal….don’t let the Mother stress me out.

Hope you rested well.

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