Just roll with it

Plans change. 

Sir and I briefly discussed my need to take it easier. I’m going to try. He asked about maybe cutting a gym day on the weekend, but I’ve already stopped doing multiple classes. One every day helps.

Since plans change, I’ve decided this holiday weekend is going to be my break. I’m not taking to the bed or anything like that, but I’m going to try to improve and restore myself. I’m going to blend the physical, emotional and let my ocd out just a bit.

I had taken off tuesday to be with Sir and dammit, I’m keeping that request.

So for the physical:

Kertitain for my hair, a three day juice cleanse, a class a day, a detox bath and facial. Luckily I can do all of my own spa treatments and hit a good groupon fir the cleanse so I intend to spend less than 100 bucks all weekend, detox included.

For my spirit:

Good music, singing and dancing as I cook all day saturday, maybe some hugs from n and fgd.

For my ocd:

Clean the closets, change over the clothes.

For some that may sound like a shitty weekend, but right now I’m looking forward to it. It’s keeping me from looking too far forward and getting sad.

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