My mother and her chair

She has this thing she does. Every couple of years. She becomes overwhelmed with “things”. She’s the opposite of a hoarder. I look like a pack rat compared to her.

One of the problems is she’s been in one spot too long. Her gypsy heart can’t take that. When she moved in, she sold all of her brand new furniture. Her way of getting rid of my stepfather ghost. 

We had nicknamed her apartment the hotel room. Just the basic furniture, with very nice linens, little if any personality. We’ve spent the past few years collecting, decorating, even inserting life in the form of plants and my cujo killer dog.

So this past weekend the sudden change strikes. She says to me, I need room, I can’t breathe. Oh the analysis I could do on the conversation…..she said I need to get rid of the chair near the door. I turned and said I’ll take it. Then she started to list things she also wanted to get rid of. I talked her out of the rest. It took us so long to find these prices and I don’t have the room to take them all.

By the end of the day I had to say something. I told her, you kniw ypu always do thus, right? She looked puzzeled. I told her, you get things totally perfect, then in a rash moment, give it all away, just so you can start again. That sums up my mother perfectly.

I confessed to her that when she purchased the chair I purposely showed her the one she brought because it went very well with my furniture and I knew eventually it would be mine. Was that wrong, maybe, but I know her and for years I suffered this mindset, so now I might as well benefit from it. 

I’m not her, the things I have I cherish. I don’t give things I hold dear away. Only when I see someone that would benefit more than i, will I let go.

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