Not much here

Yesterday was good. Spoke with Sir many times and had a rare enjoyable time with my mother.

I take care of things, it’s just what I do. Due to this I have a good amount of plants that have grown out of control this past winter and I need to get bigger pots. We used to go out every spring and get my plants for my garden. It’s sad to not be tending to my flowers anymore, but my house plants are flourishing. So I brought a few bigger pots and will transfer them all tomorrow.

Becky has started calling me poison ivy because my cubical looks like a jungle. I took everyone’s half dead plants and brought them back to life.

I used to get up 5am, every Saturday starting on Mother’s day week. I would go outside and pull weeds, I had every color of the rainbow flower. It was something I took great pride in. Maybe next year I’ll get some planters for the outside of the window. I need to see if the building allows this.

I also decided next year I’m moving. Too much has gone on this year that I’m stuck having to sign my lease again. It may not be to the village, but to a nicer part of this neighborhood. The views will be better and I want an elevator and laundry.

I saw a few listings near L from work that looked promising.

I guess it’s time to start doing things.

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