No responsibilities

Sometimes when I’m in the midst of a hard practice you get a real moment of clarity.

This happened yesterday. It was a packed class and the only reason it was hard was because I was super sore from the night before. Practicing outside always leaves me achy.

I know a good deal of the people in this class and all of a sudden looking around at mothers and wives and a woman that takes care of her elderly mother, it hit me….I am responsible for absolutely no one but me.

That is a really good but really sad thing to realize. I don’t know how I feel about that. I get that in so many ways I have freedom that other people wish for, but to know that you have no one that really depends upon you kinda hurts. I mean yes Sir and I lean on each other, but not in the way that these people have others.

I think this passing thought stayed with me when I was over at N’s house and seeing the massive amount of people that need her on a daily basis.

Even seeing that, we still had a nice day.

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