Talks with Sir

It’s one of the things I miss most when we are not together.

Neither one of us wanted to get of the phone last night. Both of us having way too much to do for this spur of the moment trip. So we ended up having a nice long talk. I was trying to save my good work news until I could see him in person. That didn’t happen. It’s too long of a story to blog here, but my work and creative solutions have not gone unnoticed and it’s a matter of a few months before I can reap the rewards of my tireless overthinking.

Funny how we talked about D types making s types do things out of their comfort range. To Sir that’s making me flirt with girls and I suck at it. I tried to explain to him that because I don’t want to do it. When an s type excels at something they are “forced” to do, it’s because they wanted to do it and lack the courage, like my job. In the past I’ve wanted to excel, but a fear of failure has held me back. Now I’m at the point that I don’t feed into that and I have the right management team to hold me back when my ideas are off base, but to also throw their full support behind me when I come up with a crazy plan that will work.

This is a big win that without Sir reminding me that I can succeed I would not have even had the courage to voice.

My list is never ending today and I have to care for a little pup that has a stomach flu.

Tomorrow we get that much needed hug Sir.

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