The hug felt around the world

So L went and picked up Sir on his way back from this party he attends.

It was so super last minute and we all know I hate last minute, but I needed to see him. That’s right needed, not wanted. I stayed quiet this week for so many reasons but a big one was just wanting to be with him. No kinky parties, no big sexy scenes, just the two of us as humans being there for each other.

When he got out of the car that first hug on the street was the most intimate moment we’ve ever shared. It was the hugs of completion. It was the hugs that allowed both of us to breathe again. After all of the scares he was back with me and no matter what the world threw at us, oh and trust me this week was a rough one, we were together.

Last night the three of us took Sir home. N and FGD wanting to help out. He is cared for by much more than just me as I think he saw on this visit. He left a note as he always does, so I can read one last thought of his when he’s gone. It referenced that hug.As I was in bed I told him I thought it was our best hug yet and he replied Agreed, it was the best hug ever. period.

So now I am back to my life of keeping busy and he is back home to follow up on his medical care and I think when we both get mushy and lonely we can conjure up that feeling of what the perfect hugs is and know we take care of each other and although miles may separate us we are not alone.

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